What You Don’t Know About Membership at Spirit

Today we wanted to let you in on a few of our best kept membership secrets because we don’t want them to be secrets anymore!
In no particular order of awesomeness…….
We are the ONLY leisure facility in Waterford to offer GYM ONLY or POOL ONLY membership!! If you just want the pool – we have a membership for you. If you just want the gym – we have a membership for you too! And the best part……
If you join for Gym Only you CAN still use the pool!!!! Seriously. There’s a “guest” fee of €6.50 (€5 on Fridays, see below) each time but if you only use the pool once in a while it’s a perfect option. The same applies to Pool Only members who want to try the gym or a class in our studio.
Spirit members get 3 hours free city centre car parking at The Glen Car Park when you visit. How long does your workout take? That’s a good deal right there!
You get a 20% discount off treatments (not Special Offers unfortunately as they are savage value anyway) and 10% off products at Spirit Beauty Spa – nice! Their online brochure can be downloaded here.
You receive between 2 and 5 guest passes, depending on membership term/type, for friends and family to visit with you for FREE. And we do Fiver Fridays where all your guests are only €5. Our standard guest rates outside that are €6.50 swim or gym, €9.50 both, €5 child swim. And there no no specific times or time limits to how long your guests can stay.
You can freeze your membership. This one is very handy. It costs €5 per month (minimum of 1 month applies) but works well if you suffer an injury/illness or you know you won’t be around for the summer for example.

Image result for ice to meet you

Freeze your membership so you don’t lose out.

You can transfer your membership too, same fee of €5 per month applies. You won’t use the last 4 months of your term and a friend say he/she wants it. You both come in, fill out the paperwork, pay the €20 fee and it’s done. PS any deal to “buy” a membership from a friend is seperate to our admin fee.

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You don’t want it? Transfer to a friend!

As always. the usual T&C’s apply, so ask a member of the team if you wish to freeze or transfer your term.
12 Month Members get a discount code for 10% off when booking direct with Treacy’s Hotel Group. With hotels in Waterford, Enniscorthy and Ennis there’s plenty of choice. The code is a secret so keep it to yourself as all reservations are checked back at Spirit to ensure you’re still an active, and 12 month, member.

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4th Floor Suite at Treacy’s Hotel Waterford

Lastly, and this is a big one – a loyalty discount for renewals.
If you are happy to rejoin we’d love to offer you a discount on your renewal price! You can get up to 10% off your renewal price!! And that’s only the first renewal. Renew again and you get another discount!
Like anything there are terms and conditions attached to the discount. If you’re a member, ask at renewal time to see what you can save. If you’re a new member, ask when joining how it all works and we’d be happy to tell you what you could save. The longer you join for and if you choose full membership over swim only for example the discounts are larger. Likewise if you choose upfront payment over direct debit.

A loyalty discount on renewal? Yes please!

Discounts with Treacy’s Hotels and Spirit Spa treatments and products, Pool Only memberships where you can still use the gym, Gym Only memberships where you can still go for a swim, freeze it , transfer it, and free passes too!
Now all you have to do to get all these perks is become a member of Spirit Leisure Centre!